Since 2005
Freelance journalist
> eWil|media, Vienna [Austria]
Offering journalism services in English, Dutch and German to online, print and broadcast media internationally. Main clients include:

        - Since 2006
        Sports writer
        > The Associated Press, London [United Kingdom]
        Reporting on all major sports in Austria, including FIS Alpine skiing, FIFA/UEFA football, ATP/WTA tennis.
        Also events worldwide, including Olympic Games 2012-14, FIFA World Cup 2010, UEFA EURO 2008-12-16.

        - Since 2013
        Online editor/Reporter
        > European Handball Federation, Vienna [Austria]
        Editing, reporting and feature writing, including EHF Champions League and EHF EURO.

        - Since 2016
        Radio correspondent in Austria
        > VPRO Bureau Buitenland, Hilversum [Netherlands]
        Reporting on political and social developments in Austria for NPO Radio 1.

        - Since 2020
        TV correspondent in Austria
        > TRT World, Istanbul [Türkiye]/London [UK]
        Reporting on political and social developments in Austria for 24/7 news channel.

        - 2009-2014
        > Blog Online, Amstelveen [Netherlands]
        Managing with daily updates from the international world of snooker.

        - 2009-2012
        Radio correspondent in Austria
        > KRO Goedemorgen Nederland, Hilversum [Netherlands]
        Reporting on political and social developments in Austria for NPO Radio 1.

> MarketingTribune/Reed Business Information, Amsterdam [Netherlands]
Staff editing on marketing, media and advertising for b2b magazine.

> Dagblad De Limburger, Venray [Netherlands]
Reporting on local affairs for daily regional newspaper.

Freelance sports writer
> Dagblad De Limburger, Roermond-Venlo [Netherlands]
Reporting on local sport events, mainly in weekends, for daily regional newspaper.
Also contributing to magazines Voetbal, Tennis Magazine, BouwWereld.



> Communication Sciences, Nijmegen [Netherlands]
Radboud Universiteit

> Journalism, Tilburg [Netherlands]
Academie voor Journalistiek en Voorlichting



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