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Audio samples [MP3]:

> 2009: Josef Fritzl trial [KRO-Goedemorgen Nederland | TV, NL]
> 2010: Disputed end-of-life clinic in Switzerland [KRO-GMNL | Radio, NL]
> 2015: US ski team members die in avalanche in Tyrol [ESPN | TV, US]
> 2015: Ski world reacts to avalanche tragedy [PRI's The World | Radio, US]

> 2016: Far right in Europe [VPRO-Bureau Buitenland | Radio, NL]
> 2016: Presidential elections in Austria [VPRO-BB | Radio, NL]
> 2017: Sexual assaults in Innsbruck [LBC-Nick Ferrari | Radio, UK]
> 2017: FPÖ likely to return in Austrian government [VPRO-BB | Radio, NL]
> 2019: Investigation Christchurch link with Austria [VPRO-BB | Radio, NL]